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UCL Blogs



How to apply

The blogging service is available to UCL departments, research groups, centres and other bodies, but it is not a blogging service for personal usage.
Blogging for individuals can be found at such sites as www.wordpress.com.

Please note that blogs must use the UCL Corporate Identity layout.
Themes have been provided for this layout with a variety of colour schemes.

There are plugins for Twitter integration and Formbuilder.
Formbuilder allows users to build forms that can either generate an email or send form contents to a script for processing.

Apply for a blog

To apply for a new blog, email web-support@ucl.ac.uk and provide the following details:

  • Blog title
  • Blog address (e.g. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/my-blog).
    • Please note: all blogs must have ‘blogs.ucl.ac.uk’ at the beginning of the URL
    • Blog addresses should be in lower case, and use hyphens to separate words

The person who will be responsible for the blog must also provide us with their:

  • Personal UCL user ID
  • Department, centre, etc. name

and make sure that the Blog gets updated regularly.

Help and support

For help and support with blogs please see the how to get support instructions.