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In memory of Johan Galtung

By Blog Editor, on 29 February 2024

We were saddened to learn about Johan Galtung’s passing on 17th February 2024.

We want to highlight as part of UCL’s Peace Education Special Interest Group our deepest gratitude for the impact that Galtung’s work has had on the peace education community, the work we do and our overall goal to connect and enable peace educators to share their work broadly.

We have several personal perspectives on Galtung’s engagement with peace research and will remain appreciative of those for the rest of our lives. Galtung revolutionised thinking about peace and this has enabled many to learn and work forwards for peace, achieving it in many areas.

We send our condolences to the family and thank them for the support they gave Johan Galtung to enable him to share his vital ideas with a world that desperately needs more education around peace.

For a full obituary: https://www.prio.org/news/3505

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