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UCL Peace Education Launch Symposium July 7th 2022 5-7pm @IOE

By Blog Editor, on 1 June 2022

Join key advocates for peace education from around UCL on July 7th 5-7pm as they make the case for peace education in personal, educational, and societal terms:


Join key advocates for peace education from around UCL as they make the case for peace education in personal, educational and societal terms

About this event


Peace education has never been more important than it is today. Despite its long history, peace education has never found a place in the curriculums that it deserves. There is a great richness of activity taking place in peace education, but it has often existed on the margins of mainstream practice. Now, in the face of war in Europe, educators are demanding resources, knowledge and strategies to develop students’ understandings of this conflict, and human conflict more generally.

How can we give peace education a higher profile?

Peace is a key aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals and should be given as much priority as sustainability. We need to raise its profile to reveal its relevance for social justice. We need to do this by establishing its crucial role in the health of society, from critical thinking, media literacy, to environmental responsibility and democratic agency. Peace is part of the pedagogy of learning and now that there is an urgency to explore this area with a rich evidence base – we as educators need to consider how we promote it to all corners of curricula.

Background reading

To provide further context, you may want to check out:

Who are the event organisers?

This symposium on peace education is part of the activities of the Peace Education Special Interest Group at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. This relatively new group aims to bring peace educators across educational spheres together. You can read more about the group on the UCL Peace Education blog.

The co-Chairs of this particular event are Hans Svennevig (IOE, Subject Lead: Citizenship PGCE / Teaching Citizenship journal) and Alexis Stones (IOE, Subject Lead: Religious Education PGCE).

Event aims

Please join us as we launch the public activities of this group with a symposium that aims to make the case for peace education in personal, educational and societal terms, and explore ways this might be achieved.

Time will be dedicated to establish ways forward to galvanise expertise and interest, among individuals and networks, to act as a collective and embed peace education in practical and policy terms across all educational fields.

Event format

This is a hybrid event. The initial keynotes of this event will be possible to stream live online. You will also be able to post questions and comments. However, during the networking and planning section, the in-person and online attendees will be split into separate groups for interactive discussions. You will need to select whether you will attend virtually / online, or in person, during checkout.

Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at peace education practitioners, education professionals, teachers, academics and policy makers. Keynote speakers will present ideas in relation to the fields of sustainability education, citizenship education, Religious Education, history education, young people and activism.

You will be able to connect to organisations and individuals about how to support your own education for peace, whether in school, university, further education, museums, or public education.

Event timings

17:00 -17.45: Keynote speakers

18:00 – 19:00: Sharing and planning for next stage working groups

Blog purposes

By Blog Editor, on 1 February 2022

The Peace Education Special Interest Group Blog Purpose:

The purpose of the peace education special interest group blog is to bring together ideas around peace education and how these can be developed at UCL and in education more widely. As the SIG progresses we will be able to start putting forward suggestions for developing peace education at UCL. We are very pleased to be able to invite and include different academics and peace educators within this blog and later in the year at the start of our formal celebratory launch we will develop these conversations through networking opportunities both online and in person to bring together a range of practitioners.

In our first post – I (Hans) write about how we can think about peace education for the next generation.

Peace Education Special Interest Group Launch

By Blog Editor, on 10 January 2022

Peace Education Special Interest Group at UCL Blog Launch

Welcome to our readers interested and inspired, motivated and hopeful to learn, share, develop, and grow in the subject of Peace Education. The Peace Education Special Interest Group has been set up by Hans Svennevig and Alexis Stones subject leaders of PGCEs (Initial Teacher Education) in Citizenship education and Religious Education respectively. We have been able to form this group with support from Professor Nicola Walshe Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment Head of Department whom we thank.

This blog will be the mouthpiece of activities and announcements, reflections and considerations related to the special interest group including events and opportunities for collaboration, to hear from Peace Education activists, students, teachers and academics. We invite you to get in touch with us if you would like to contribute to the special interest group or have an idea or activity that you would like to share to further peace education at every level of UCL. We will update this blog frequently – with the next edition to examine some of the themes around peace education and how it can be incorporated in teaching at every level. Later in the summer we hope to have an event to bring peace educators together and consider a longer term strategy and vision for the special interest group. 

We are looking forward to working with the UCL community and see Peace Education as a core component of the overall long term vision and strategy of UCL.