The Showcase of Community Media

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 19 February 2008

Community Media AsociationThe Showcase is a ‘streaming media archive’ of radio, television, and internet projects from the community media sector. The free, not-for-profit site offers “access to both fiction and non-fiction programmes in a variety of languages, made by individuals, community groups or organisations from all over the UK and beyond. Issues covered include: cultural identity, gender, human rights, democracy, labour and class issues, and the arts.

For example, in a 15 minute film, Pipilotti Rist talks about her video installation ‘Show a Leg’ at the Tramway gallery in an edition of Channel 6 Broadcasting’s television show, ‘Art in Scotland’.

The site uses Real Media for low bandwidth and broadband connections, and all video and audio materials are available for streaming or download.

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