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Archive for April, 2011

UK SoundMap

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes18 April 2011

The British Library’s UK SoundMap is an interactive map of soundscape recordings from around the country, contributed by members of the public, which charts Britain’s changing sonic environment.


L ( Elizabeth )Lawes11 April 2011


Currently installed at the Richmix cafe on Bethnal Green Road, Cybraphon is a BAFTA award winning ‘autonomous emotional robot band’ created by Edinburgh art collective FOUND.

Inspired by early 19th century mechanical bands such as the nickelodeon, Cybraphon is an interactive version of a mechanical band in a box. Consisting of a series of robotic instruments housed in a large display case, Cybraphon behaves like a real band. Image conscious and emotional, the band’s performance is affected by online community opinion as it searches the web for reviews and comments about itself 24 hours a day.

Cybraphon can be seen at Richmix until 20th April and is performing alongside its creators, FOUND, on 19th April as part of the London Word Festival.

Sixty symbols: videos about the symbols of physics and astronomy

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes11 April 2011

Sixty SymbolsVideo journalist Brady Haran has produced Sixty symbols, a series of videos featuring scientists from the University of Nottingham explaining the science behind the symbols used in physics and astronomy.

Brady’s other science websites include:

The periodic table of videos: a film for every element on the periodic table
Test tube: videos behind the scenes in the world of science
My favourite scientist: films explaining the work of famous (and some not so famous) scientists

Marcel Broodthaers / Un voyage en mer du nord

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes11 April 2011

Un voyage en mer du nordThe artist’s book Un voyage en mer du nord by Marcel Broodthaers is now available in PDF format via Ubuweb.