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Library Acquisitions October / November 2010

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes30 November 2010

faithfull-liverpool.jpgRecent additions to the collections include:

Simon Faithfull. Liverpool-to-Liverpool. Liverpool University Press, 2010. ART ME 19 FAI
Lisa Le Feuvre. Failure (Documents of Contemporary Art). Whitechapel Gallery, 2010. ART BE LEF
Salomé Voegelin. Listening to noise and silence: towards a philosophy of sound art. Continuum, 2010. ART PX 20 VOE
Martin Creed: works. Thames & Hudson, 2010. ART ME 29 CRE
Marsha Meskimmon. Contemporary art and the cosmopolitan imagination. Routledge, 2010. ART BG MES

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Summer acquisitions

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes24 September 2010

Brion GysinNew items added to the Art collections over the summer include:

Gysin, Brion. Dream machine. Merrell / New Museum, 2010. ART MU 19 GYS
Gann, Kyle. No such thing as silence: John Cage’s 4’33″. Yale University Press, 2010. ART PX 20 CAG
Milner, Greg. Perfecting sound forever: the story of recorded music. Granta, 2009. ART PX 20 MIL
Philosophers on art from Kant to the Postmodernists: a critical reader. Columbia University Press, 2010. ART BA KUL
Molderings, Herbert. Duchamp and the aesthetics of chance: art as experiment. Columbia University Press, 2010. ART MF 19 DUC

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Library acquisitions May 2010

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes2 June 2010

In numbersNew books in the Library in May include:

Furlong, William. Speaking of art: four decades of art in conversation. Phaidon, 2010. ART BH FUR
Häussler, Harriet. According to the artists: 13 questions, 51 interviews. Kerber, 2009. ART M 8 HAU
Thea, Dorothea. On curating: interviews with ten international curators. D.A.P., 2009. ART A 4.9 THE
Burgin, Victor. Situational aesthetics: selected writings. Leuven University Press, 2009. ART BA BUR
Aarons, Philip E. In numbers: serial publications by artists since 1955. JRP Ringier, 2009. ART PA 50 AAR

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Directory of world cinema: American independent

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes30 April 2010

Directory of World CinemaThe American Independent volume of the Directory of World Cinema is available to download for free for a limited time from http://www.worldcinemadirectory.org.

Library acquisitions April 2010

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes30 April 2010

SublimeNew books added to the art collectons during April include:

Krauss, Rosalind. Perpetual inventory. MIT Press, 2010. ART BK KRA

See this sound: audiovisuology compendium: an interdisciplinary survey of audiovisual culture. Koenig, 2009. ART M 8 DAN

Morley, Simon. The sublime. Whitechapel / MIT press, 2010. ART BA MOR

Adlington, Robert. Sound commitments: avant-garde music and the sixties. Oxford University Press, 2009. ART PX 20 ADL

Moure, Gloria. Marcel Duchamp: works, writings and interviews. Ediciones Polígrafa, 2009. ART MF 19 DUC

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Library acquisitions February / March 2010

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes30 March 2010

Sound SouvenirsNew items added to the Art collections in February and March include:

Obrist, Hans Ulrich. Experiment marathon. Koenig, 2009. ART M 8 OBR
Bijsterveld, Karin. Sound souvenirs: audio technologies, memory and cultural practices. Amsterdam University Press, 2009. ART PQ 20 BIJ
Bellini, Andrea. Everything you always wanted to know about gallerists but were afraid to ask. JRP/Ringier, 2009. ART A 4.9 BEL
Satz, Aura. Articulate objects: voice, sculpture and performance. Peter Lang, 2009. ART M 20 SAT
Rancière, Jacques: The emancipated spectator. Verso, 2009. ART BA RAN

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Library acquisitions January 2010

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes1 February 2010

serpentine-manifesto-marathon1.jpgItems added to the Art collections during January include:

Dan Graham. Rock/music writings. Primary Information, 2009. ART MU 19 GRA
Harun Farocki. Against what? Against whom? Koenig Books, 2009. ART QN FAR
Serpentine Gallery manifesto marathon. Koenig Books, 2009. ART M 8 SER
Robert Ryman. Critical texts since 1967. Ridinghouse, 2009. ART MU 19 RYM
Malik, Amna. Sarah Lucas: Au naturel. Afterall Books, 2009. ART ME 19 LUC

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Library Acquisitions November / December 2009

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes22 December 2009

art-text.jpgItems added to the Art collections during November and December include:

Art and text. Black Dog Publishing, 2009. ART M 8 ART
Cashell, Kieran. Aftershock : the ethics of contemporary transgressive art. I.B. Tauris, 2009. ART M 8 CAS
Rexer, Lyle. The edge of vision: the rise of abstraction in photography. Aperture, 2009. ART R 5 REX
Losowsky, Andrew. We make magazines: inside the independents. Editions Mike Koedinger, 2009. ART PA 50 LOS
Ran, Faye. A history of installation art and the development of new art forms. Peter Lang, 2009. ART M 20 RAN

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Library acquisitions October 2009

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes30 October 2009

The sacred made realItems added to the Art collections during October include:

John Baldessari: pure beauty. Tate Modern, 2009.  ART MU 19 BAL
Christian Boltanski / Hans Ulrich Obrist: the conversation series. ART MF 19 BOL
The sacred made real : Spanish painting and sculpture, 1600-1700. National Gallery, 2009. ART KS 20 BRA
Gustav Metzger: decades 1959-2009. Serpentine Gallery, 2009. ART MG 19 MET

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Library acquisitions summer 2009

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes5 October 2009

UnconcealedItems added to the Art collections over the summer include:

Younger than Jesus: artist directory. New Museum of Contemporary Art, 2009. ART M 8 YOU
Rosler, Martha. A budding gourmet. Electronic Arts Intermix, 2000. ISSUE DESK ART AV ROS
Matta-Clark, Gordon. Art, architecture and the attack on modernism. I.B. Tauris, 2009. ART MU 29 MAT
Alÿs, Francis. Works and process. A.P.R.E.S. Editions, 2008. ISSUE DESK ART AV ALY
Unconcealed : the international network of conceptual artists 1967-77. Ridinghouse, 2009. ART M 9 CON
Sonic Youth: Musical perspectives (music composed by John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Yoko Ono, Steve Reich, George Maciunas etc.) ISSUE DESK CD SON

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