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Archive for September, 2011


L ( Elizabeth )Lawes22 September 2011

houedardA selection of concrete poetry is also now available at Ubuweb, including a complete run of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s legendary magazine, Poor.Old.Tired.Horse, 1962-1968. Also here are several examples of visual poetry by Dom Sylvester Houedard, a pioneer of British concrete poetry and typewriter-driven typstracts.

Fluxus Anthology

L ( Elizabeth )Lawes22 September 2011

Dick HigginsThe Fluxus Anthology, including dozens of soundworks recorded between 1958 and 1990, is online at Ubuweb here. It includes recordings by George Maciunas, Robert Filliou, Wolf Vostell, Al Hanson, Carolee Schneemann, Dick Higgins and others.