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CANCELLED: UCL Knowledge Lab Series: Cultural ecology for framing digital education in our disparate culture and its disruptions

By Tim Neumann, on 13 February 2020

This seminar is now cancelled.

In this seminar, Dr Ben Bachmair will discuss cultural ecology and its integrative approach to the running cultural development with disparate educational options and tasks.

19 March 2020, 12:30pm-1.30pm GMT
UCL Knowledge Lab


The term ‘digital education’ is helpful when identifying semiosis with digital representations in the new individualised, mobile and internet-based communication.

It also avoids the familiar terms of ‘media’ and ‘media education’ that belong to the former linear style of communication.

Taking an online video as an example, Dr Bachmair demonstrates how it can be framed by discussing cultural disruptions within a disparate culture in an educational sense. These cultural disruptions include not the least the transformation of space to context. Further, individualisation changes social reality into egocentric worlds of personal experiences.

He explores the intention to look for cultural sustainability in the processes of cultural disruptions, by interpreting sustainability educationally in the tradition of the European Enlightenment. Among others, Rousseau is also on the agenda of cultural ecology.

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