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IOE Learning Technologies Unit


Learning Technology advice, research & consultancy


Curriculum Development

The Learning Technologies Unit (LTU) offers Curriculum Development support with the view of providing flexible and new models of pedagogy and making sensible use of technology.

Services for UCL IOE Staff

  • Module (re-)design support
    (pre and post validation, minor or major upgrades), for example:

  • Programme design support
    (pre and post validation, minor or major upgrades), for example:

    • Strategic alignment (E-Learning Baseline, Connected Curriculum)
    • Options analysis for blended and/or distance (fully online) learning
    • Harmonisation across modules
    • Professional team development & capacity building
  • MOOC development
    • Options analysis
    • Learning Design
    • Project management support
  • Short Course Development
    • Liaison with IOE Short Courses Unit
    • Academic visitor programmes (Learning Technology related)
    • Knowledge Exchange events

Programmes at UCL are reviewed periodically, and our curriculum development support can tie in with these processes, whether the aim is to increase the range of modules on offer or to improve the modules already being offered. The support can include improving the pedagogy and use of technology in individual modules such as offering a more blended learning experience, combining face-to-face with online teaching and learning opportunities or the creation of wholly online modules taken at a distance, available to a much wider worldwide audience, either as new or conversion from existing modules.

All courses are expected to meet the UCL E-Learning Baseline, which sets out a minimum standard of E-Learning provision that courses need to provide students with.

Helping programmes with Curriculum Development has always been an integral role of the LTU where we work closely with programme or module teams and are able to bring our expertise in technologies, online learning and related pedagogies to develop their courses to meet and exceed the baseline standards. This is done through reviewing with module teams their current provision, discussions about how the module wants to develop and what is available. Then helping modules develop and implement the changes they want to make and providing continued support to programme and module teams afterwards in their use.

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External Services

  • Consultancies on Learning Design, including
  • Short Courses
    • Academic visits
    • Bespoke short courses on Learning Technology related topics
    • Knowledge Exchange opportunities

Contact the LTU for further information