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CybSafe training now available for students

By Peter Andrews-Briscoe, on 20 March 2024

In response to the need to safeguard yourself and UCL from ever increasing threats, the Information Security Group is rolling out their staff information security training to students.

A crucial aspect of cybersecurity is not just the technology we use but also how we interact with it. As technology evolves, the primary challenge often lies in training our ability to recognize the more nuanced signs of potential threats. Enhancing awareness and understanding of common cyber threats is, therefore, the easiest way to safeguard yourself and your friends online.

The training is delivered by a third-party company called CybSafe. You should all receive an email from donotreply@cybsafe.com, inviting you to join their platform. The modules are designed to help you detect threats in your day-to-day life, as well as when you interact with UCL systems, ensuring the safety of both you and UCL.

You can find the training here, where you will be able to log in with your normal UCL credentials:


If you have any questions about the training or security in general, please feel free to reach out to us at isg@ucl.ac.uk. We are here to address any concerns and help bolster our collective cybersecurity defences.

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