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International Centre for Historical Research in Education


International Centre for Historical Research in Education (ICHRE) at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) is a leading centre for historical research into education



ICHRE Online History of Education Research Conference, Thursday 9 July 2020

We are delighted to welcome you to our virtual conference! We have organised this event to help maintain contacts between researchers in the history of education in the UK and in different parts of the world, and also to highlight new research and current publications and projects in the history of education. Owing to the large level of interest, we will be running the event on Microsoft Teams with a mix of plenary sessions and parallel sessions. We have created an interactive programme to enable delegates to access each session.

Please see the interactive programme (pdf) here and interactive programme (word) here. The full book of abstracts for each session is here. You may find the following document helpful in using Teams Technical info for delegates.

Please help ICHRE plan future sessions by completing the short conference evaluation survey. Thank you!

Interactive outline

[To join each session please click the link below – you can also access via the links on the pdf or word documents, although please be aware that for some reason the links do not work for everyone via pdf or word. All speakers should have received a Teams invite to their own session]

08.30-9.00              Access open to Teams Meeting

09.00-9.10               Opening of conference (PLENARY)

9.10-9.30                  Book Launches (PLENARY)


Parallel Session 1: Universities
Parallel Session 2: Lives
Parallel Session 3: School Culture

10.30-11.30             Break

11.30-12.00             Book Launches (PLENARY)


Parallel Session 4: Culture and Knowledge

Parallel Session 5: Teacher Training

Parallel Session 6: Teaching and Knowledge

13.00-14.30             Break

14.30-15.00             Book Launches (PLENARY)


Parallel Session 7: Education and Migration

Parallel Session 8: Interwar Education

Parallel Session 9: Internationalism

16.00-17.00             Break

17.00 -17.20            Book Launches (PLENARY)


Parallel Session 10: Texts and Education

Parallel Session 11: Childhood and Youth

Parallel Session 12: Education and Reform

18.20-18.30             Closing Remarks (PLENARY)


Gary McCulloch has made a short welcome video.

Slides for presentations received by 7 July are available here:

Amy Zuberbueler

Cuihong Wu and Man Miao

Diana Vidal Rafaela Rabelo

Emma Papadacci

Helen Lowe

Hsiao-Yuh Ku

Maria Williams

Mariano Gonzalez Delgado

Marisa and Amarilio

Michele Cohen

Monica Rude

Parimala Rao

Sarabkeet Kaur

Shaan Kashyap

Somogyvári Yarui Qi

Ruth Lupton


Anne Collignon

Marim Joice


Bhuwan Jha

We look forward very much to providing a means to maintain contact between researchers in the history of education in the UK and around the world, and to highlighting new research, and to welcoming you to the online conference on Thursday 9 July.

Academic coordinator: Professor Gary McCulloch

Academic committee:  Dr Georgina Brewis, Dr Mark Freeman, Professor Gary McCulloch, Dr Maria Williams and Dr Tom Woodin.