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Galton Inaugural Lecture: Neurological disease – Nature and Nurture

By ucyow3c, on 31 October 2011

Now, as the health sciences finally enter a golden age of genetics, the relevancy of the Galton Chair has never been greater: this was the message of Professor Nicholas Wood’s inaugural lecture, which he delivered to a packed auditorium of colleagues, friends and family at UCL on Wednesday 19 October. UCL PhD student Gavin Charlesworth summarises the lecture below.

Professor Wood began by reflecting on the work of that illustrious scientist and pioneer in the field of genetics, Francis Galton, after whom the chair is named. He reminded the audience that Galton was responsible for many ideas that remain fundamental to the practice of genetics today, such as the regression to the mean and correlation, and famously coined the phrase ‘nature and nurture’ to describe a debate that continues to rage even today.