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Cybertut: Archaeology Discovery, Tutankhamun and Cyberman

By Ben Stevens H P Stevens, on 6 October 2011

In what amounts to either a delicious coincidence or a scheduling coup, the Institute of Archaeology held its ‘Cybertut: Archaeology Discovery, Tutankhamun and Cyberman’ event last week, just as the ruthless Cybermen reappeared in the latest series of Doctor Who.

A Cyberman insignia from The Tomb of The Cybermen

For those of you who don’t know, these emotionless cyborgs replaced their body parts with robotics in a supreme act of self-preservation and vie with the Daleks for the title of the Doctor’s greatest adversary.

So, what is the link between them and Tutankhamun? This was exactly the question posed by a new documentary, Curse of the Cyberman’s Tomb, which was screened at the event – following a short introduction by Vice-Chair of the Egypt Exploration Society and UCL PhD student John J Johnston.

Filmed in the UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, the documentary is scheduled to appear as an extra on the new DVD edition of classic Doctor Who serial, The Tomb of the Cybermen.