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Educational Assessment Group at IOE (EAG@IOE)



Seminar: Should students be expected to master the vocational curriculum?

By utnviri, on 31 August 2023

Should students be expected to master the vocational curriculum? WATCH HERE

20th September 2023 (online) Please note, the discussion session was not recorded.

Since the 1970s, vocational qualifications in England have increasingly been specified in terms of comprehensive lists of learning outcomes. Furthermore, for qualifications of this sort – which includes NVQs, BTECs, and so on – students have been required to achieve all specified learning outcomes in order to be awarded the qualification. We call this the ‘mastery’ requirement, indicating that students are required to master the vocational curriculum. Mastery is often assumed to be important for occupational qualifications, where a certificate is intended to certify ‘full competence’. However, the roots of the mastery requirement in vocational qualifications were actually as much educational as occupational, linked to North American scholarship on mastery learning. Recently, there has been a move away from the outcomes-based approach to qualification design, and mastery is no longer an expectation for an increasing number of vocational qualifications. We will consider whether this might be a good thing or a bad thing.

Professor Paul Newton (Ofqual) is our speaker in September – read more about Paul HERE

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Seminar: Assessment past, present and future

By utnviri, on 31 August 2023

silhouette and people in front of the US flag

Assessment past, present and future: WATCH HERE

The panel discussion that launched the EAG@IOE – with Christine Harrison, Gordon Stobart and Tina Isaacs.

Seminar: Critical Race Theory: Just an American row or important to us?

By utnviri, on 31 August 2023

Critical Race Theory: Just an American row or important to us? WATCH HERE

This webinar considered what is meant by “Critical Race Theory” and its place in public and policy discourse in the USA and elsewhere. The  theoretical challenges of Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory; and its relevance for education, specifically educational assessment, were discussed.

Seminar: What makes assessment fair?

By utnviri, on 31 August 2023


What makes assessment fair? WATCH HERE

In January 2022, we welcomed Isabel Nisbet and Stuart Shaw who explored what fairness means and challenges to fair assessment (including the challenges from Covid). The seminar comprised three discussions: fair assessment in vocational contexts; fair selection for university; and, whether it is fair to make the future like the past.

Seminar: Assessment Research – a student’s view

By utnviri, on 31 August 2023

three students sit in a seminar discussion listening to a speaker

In November 2021, students took centre stage and presented their research on assessment.  You can hear from Carl (MA Assessment), Kanayo (EdD in Assessment) and Tamara (PhD in Assessment) all talk about their research interests, experiences and what they love about assessment.

About us

By utnviri, on 25 June 2021

The EAG@IOE was founded in 2021. The group sits within the department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment within the IOE.

The EAG@IOE has three key, mutually dependent aims:

  1. to conduct and promote research into educational assessment relating to subjects, curriculum and pedagogy and across all phases of education;
  2. to seek external engagement and work with professional assessment organisations and with assessment experts to research, sustain, and develop good practice in assessment in education; and
  3. to engage UCL IOE students (UG/PGT/Res) with an interest in educational assessment in teaching, learning, research and employment opportunities.

We officially launched the EAG@IOE on the 23rd June 2021 via a Zoom Seminar.  An audience of 86 joined us from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Oman and China – so great to have an international interest!

The EAG is directed by Dr Mary Richardson and Dr Catarina Correia – please contact us if you would like to join the group, or if you are interested in presenting assessment-related work.

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