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Data Management Planning for Secure Services (DMP-SS)


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The relationship between DDI and Data Management Planning

By F D ( Tito ) Castillo, on 3 May 2013

The following report has been written by Arofan Gregory (Metadata Technology) as a result of his companies engagement in the DMP-SS project. It provides a helpful position paper on the potential role of the Data Documentation Initiative standard (DDI) for the representation of research data management plans.

See: Data Management Planning and the Data Documentation Initiative_1_0

Generic DMP information model and application overview

By F D ( Tito ) Castillo, on 20 April 2012

Metadata Technology have been making good progress on the development of a generic metadata model for DMP that enables:

  • Generic description of the structure of a wide range of data management plans
  • Capture instances of plans based on the above structure
  • Association of a plan instance with identifiable external resources (such as DDI study units or an ISO 27001 collections)
  • Population of elements of a plan with snippets of information/text sourced from the external resources (i.e a survey abstract, a list of data files/variable, a backup policy, etc.)
  • Association of concepts with plan elements which would enable describing similarities across plans (i.e. UK and US)
  • Serialize plans in XML for storage, management, exchange, or publication purposes

Based on the above model, they are in the process of building a set of generic editing tools that have the ability to:

  • Adjust to any data management plan structure (not only the UK version)
  • Be used in stand alone mode (i.e. simple text editor)
  • Integrate in specific private or public environment to populate plan components with metadata from external resources (DDI, ISO 27001, others).

Given that the core application is being build on the OpenMetadata Framework, it can at the same time serve DDI editors and comes with necessary features for storage, integration with web services, etc.

So the DMP-SS/DMPOnline management toolkit is being built as planned but at the same time this work will result in generic DMP editors that can be used for UK, US, or other management plans.

For a full description of the current information model see: DMP Data Model Report

For a review of the structures of various proposed research data management plans, including Digital Curation Centre (full and simplified) and the 16 that exist in the USA (13 from NSF and 1 from NIH) see: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgxevpgZKzIudHE1MVZvYWYwWDRaenBkdnotVXBMWkE.