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Escapism, Popcorn entertainement? Or political film of the year?

By Frank Witte, on 29 November 2016

Queen Jamillia: “The day we stop believing democracy can work is the day we lose it.
Padme:”Let’s pray that day never comes.”

(Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)

In the coming month the second of a new tranche of Star Wars films hits the cinema, “Rogue One; A Star Wars Story”. As a Connected Curriculum Fellow who also teaches a voluntary 0-credit class on Star Wars I cannot resist writing something about that here for once. But is that escapism? Entertainement? Or a political commentary on the times in which we live?


Connecting critical thinking skill & Fermi problems

By Frank Witte, on 19 November 2016

Critical thinking usually requires the application of skill and knowledge from a wide range of different fields. It also demands making use of reasonable guesses and estimates of things you don’t know. Our media sometimes play risky games, for entertainment, with their credibility. A Supermoon example and the case for teaching Fermi problems. (more…)

Fractured Realities and Connected Curriculum

By Frank Witte, on 17 November 2016

UCL’s Connected Curriculum identifies  dimensions of ‘learning through research and enquiry’. My research project as CC Fellow focusses on perceptions of these dimensions among students and how these perceptions are affected by the context within which they learn and study. Why would such perceptions matter? And why today maybe more than ever? (more…)