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Military Affairs & Counter-terrorism Society (MACT)



About the Military Affairs & Counter-terrorism Society (MACT)

A warm welcome to all with some words from MACT founder Bingjie Becky Shen:

The Military Affairs & Counter-terrorism Society is a student-run initiative based at UCL. Being the first and only one of its kind at UCL,  the mandate of MACT is to bring aspiring students in security and terrorism studies, researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers together to discuss and debate the current and potential issues in this field, particularly from a crime science perspective. Therefore, despite being a “society,” we function more like a network. Besides hosting seminars, we are facilitating a few projects that are evaluation-based. This blog space is where we publish students and professionals’ articles/commentaries/opinion pieces/paper on terrorism and counter-terrorism issues.

We would like to thank the Jill Dando Institute and the Department of Security and Crime Science for their long-standing support in all aspects and helping us in any way they could.

If you wish to contribute, please contact mact.ucl.uk@gmail.com

If you’d like to learn more about MACT, please contact b.shen.17@ucl.ac.uk

To keep pace with MACT’s next steps, please follow us on Twitter @UCL_MACT 

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