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The UK Data Service – an introduction to data and resources for social scientists

By Kieron L Jones, on 7 May 2014

16 June 2014
Sussex University

This half-day workshop will introduce participants to the data available from the UK Data Service.

The workshop is aimed primarily at research postgraduates but will be of relevance to other social scientists, research methods teachers and librarians who wish to learn more about the resources and support offered by the UK Data Service.

It will involve a mixture of presentation, group work and hands-on computing sessions using the UK Data Service website to:

  • explore the range of datasets available for reuse including quantitative and qualitative data
  • demonstrate how data can be searched, accessed, browsed and analysed online using a variety of resource discovery and data analysis tools
  • showcase the wide variety of data support materials available, for example video tutorial guides and methodological guides
  • provide information on managing and sharing research data and available help and guidance
  • highlight further training events


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