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Language of Voice Hearing


Research at the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics


Coding complete

By Zsofia Demjen, on 10 August 2017

Update on the Power, Control and the Language of Voice-hearing project involving Zsofia Demjen, Elena Semino, Filippo Varese, and Agnes Marszalek.

Ten interviews with people who hear voices are now coded and ready for more in-depth analysis.  We broke the interviews down into clauses and coded each clause (between 200-1000 per interview) for:

  • interactional features (what is being reported as said by Voice or Hearer, is anyone’s face being threatened or supported and in what way, what speech acts are being used, what is the reported effect or consequence of an utterance)
  • transitivity (who does what to whom)
  • metaphor
  • negation (no, not, never, nothing)

and a few other features that will help us make sense of patterns. Needless to say, our spreadsheets are complex.



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