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UCL Summer School



Meet the Team – 2019 Edition

By uczlkrj, on 26 June 2019

UCL is a welcoming, dynamic, global university based in one of the most exciting capital cities in the world and working here means becoming part of an incredible community made up of some of the greatest intellects in the world.

Meet the awesome team who design and run the UCL Summer School, enabling you to experience the very best UCL has to offer and discover how UCL can help you realise your potential!

Coral Brown – Programme Officer

Coral Brown

I’ve studied, worked or lived in London for the past 8 years, so I’m slowly working my way through making memories at every station on the tube map! I’ve worked at UCL since March this year, so I’ve had a chance to familiarise myself with the Bloomsbury campus now (with the help of UCL Maps of course). I help with the paperwork and support the admissions process, and I’m the first person to talk to if you have any general questions, so we may have already met via email or on the phone already! What I’ve always loved about London is its diversity. It sometimes feels like this is a global hub for all cultures to come together, and I certainly feel privileged to be part of it. I currently live in Brighton, which is a seaside city on the south coast of England and just over an hour away by train. Another name for Brighton is ‘London-by-the-sea,’ so although I don’t live in London at the moment, it’s a pretty good substitute! But of course, you can’t beat London for comedy clubs, art galleries and food from all over the world. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all in person very soon!

Kimberly Bentein – Programme Manager


Kimberly Bentein

From Belgium originally, I came to London nearly twelve years ago to do a postgraduate degree and never left. After my year at university, spending most of my time in the library and the student union bar with the amazing group of people from all over the world I’d met through my course, I decided it was time to explore London properly. Almost a decade later and I have still only just scratched the surface! There is a never-ending supply of things to see, do and experience from ancient history to the very latest trend. As a truly global city, it is also a great place to work, offering opportunities I would never have even dreamed of. For UCL Summer School programme, I manage the day to day operations, in short I make things happen. From little things like booking theatre tickets for the social programme to much bigger tasks such as organising the accommodation we offer, it is my job to look after all the operational details that make up our programme. The better I am at my job, the smoother the programme will run and in turn, I hope, the more students will enjoy it.

Rhod Fiorini – Head of Programme

As Head of Programme, I’m responsible for the academic direction of the summer school. I’m very fortunate to be working with a talented range of academics from across faculties, who help ensure that UCL is able to offer the most varied and exciting summer school curriculum in London. I come from a town called Bromley, which is in the suburbs of south east London.  Bromley was in the news recently because it’s where the recently deceased musician David Bowie grew up.  It was also once described in a national newspaper as ‘the most boring town in the UK’.  Fortunately, it’s only a short train journey away from central London!  I love working in London, particularly in Bloomsbury – for the squares and Georgian architecture – and I love going out in London after work. My ideal evening involves eating good food, drinking good wine and listening to good music, and all of these are available in abundance in London – it’s not all about afternoon tea and roast beef on a Sunday! The diverse nature of the capital means you can eat the food and listen to the music of pretty much every other part of the world.  Essentially, you can travel the world without going anywhere.  Or you could visit Bromley!


Rory Herron – Summer School Liaison
Rory Herron

I would argue that I have the most exciting role in the team due to the fact it is multi-faceted and I get to work with lots of interesting and talented people. As I have responsibility for marketing and recruitment, I tend to be doing different things day-to-day. One week I might be talking to enthusiastic students at a Study Abroad fair overseas, while the next I could be working with a web designer or video producer discussing ideas for our website or social media channels. Each day brings new challenges and surprises and I’m fortunate to say that I really enjoy my job! Originally from Derry in Ireland, I’ve now lived in London for over 4 years (by way of Scotland, Vietnam and Japan) and joined the UCL Summer School team in the lead-up to our first ever programme in 2016! The best thing about living in London is the variety it offers. I especially love meeting friends for food or a concert after work and exploring the city’s many markets, parks and pubs and record stores at the weekends.


Ken Downs – Summer School Liaison Intern
Ken Downs

Hi – I’m Ken, an intern for the UCL Summer School team! I was born and raised in Kentucky but lived in Chicago to attend university at the University of Illinois at Chicago! I am going into my fourth year of university pursuing a BA in Communication and I am also minoring in International Studies and Sociology. I have always been interested in London and British culture from politics to music and reality tv. I got the opportunity to intern in London through IES Abroad. As part of the UCL Summer School Team, I am learning and practicing communication and marketing techniques such as content production, interviewing, writing e-communications, competitor analysis, and more. I do plan to write some of my own articles and pieces while I am here also. So far in London, I like the diversity of people and I feel that it is nearly impossible to see the same person twice anywhere you go in the city. I am looking forward to attending the Lovebox Festival in July and seeing some of my favourite music acts in person!

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