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Exploring Human-centred Explainable Artificial Intelligence (HExAI)



Call for Participation

This call for participation is now closed.

If you wish to take part, please submit a position paper to the workshop organisers (via j.bunn@ucl.ac.uk) by 24 May 2019. A position paper should be up to 1,000 words in length and should: a) outline your current understanding of XAI, b) briefly detail any research activity/literature that underpins your understanding, and c) set out the main questions or issues that you have with regards to it. An example of a position paper can be found here. In the case of too many participants expressing an interest in taking part (the upper limit is 30), the workshop organisers will make a selection on the principle of trying to ensure the most diverse mix of perspectives. You will be informed if you have been selected by 31 May 2019.

If selected, you will also be assigned a partner, with whom you will swap position papers. You will be expected to discuss your position with your partner (by email) and to produce a final version of the paper outlining it, to be sent to your partner and the workshop organisers (via j.bunn@ucl.ac.uk) by 21 June 2019. The final versions of all participants’ position papers will be published on this blog and you are encouraged to read them in advance of the workshop. In particular, you will be expected to gain familiarity with your partner’s position because you will be responsible for introducing it (and them) at the start of the workshop.

Activity within the workshop will revolve around discussion and group work leading to the co-creation of a map of the XAI landscape and a more human-centred research agenda within it. This map and the research agenda will form the main output of the workshop and will subsequently be published in the form of a pamphlet (and on this blog). Multiple copies of the co-created pamphlet will be available for all participants for wider circulation amongst their own networks and the dissemination of their collective perspective on and envisioning of more human-centred explainable artificial intelligence.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the workshop, but travel and accommodation to attend the workshop will not be provided.