Englefield House Case Study: Timeline

1712 Anne Wrighte (née Paulet) inherits Englefield House from her brother Lord Francis Paulet

1729 Anne’s eldest son Powlett Wrighte inherits Englefield

1741 Powlett Wrighte dies and Englefield passes to his son Powlett Wright the Younger. Mary Wrighte, his wife, has a lifetime interest in the house.

1745 Mary marries Richard Benyon (1698-1774) who has recently retired as Governor of Fort St George in Madras. Mary is his third wife.

1746 Mary Benyon gives birth to a boy on 28 June. They name him Richard Benyon.

1767 Richard Benyon the Younger marries Hannah Hulsein and in 1770 she gives birth to a boy – Richard Benyon.

1774 Richard Benyon dies. Richard Benyon the Younger inherits Gidea Hall, Newbury and North Ockenden Hall.

1776 Mary Benyon dies. Englefield passes to Powlett Wrighte the Younger. Paulet Wrighte makes many alterations and encumbers the estate with extensive debt.

1777 Powlett Wrighte the Younger marries.

1779 Powlett Wrighte the Younger dies childless and leaves Englefield to his uncle Nathaniel Wrighte, in accordance with his father’s will.

1781 Fearing the extent of Englefield’s debts, Nathaniel Wrighte lets Engledfield House to Lady Margaret Clive.

1789 Nathaniel Wrighte dies and Richard Benyon the Younger inherits Englefield.

1796 Richard Benyon the Younger dies and Englefield passes to Richard Benyon the Younger’s son – another Richard Benyon (1770-1854).

1797 Richard Benyon marries Elizabeth Sykes, daughter of Sir Francis Sykes of Basildon House.

1802 Richard Benyon sells Gidea Hall to Alexander Black.

1806 Benyon begins making changes to Englefield in 1806.

1814, Richard Benyon becomes Richard Benyon Powlett Wrighte

1822 Richard Benyon Powlett Wrighte, becomes Richard Benyon de Beauvoir – inherits the fortune from his de Beavoir cousin, who owned land in Hackney. Richard Benyon de Beauvoir’s wife Elizabeth (daughter of Sir Francis Sykes) dies.

1849 Richard Benyon de Beauvoir purchases South Ockenden Hall in Essex. The property remains in the family until 1937 when it is sold along with the family’s other Essex properties.

1854 Richard Benyon de Beauvoir dies and Englefield passes to his nephew Richard Fellowes, second son of his sister Emma, on condition that he took the name Benyon.

1897 Richard Benyon (formerly Fellowes) dies and is succeeded by his nephew, James H. Fellowes, later Benyon (d. 1935).

1935 James H. Benyon (formerly Fellowes) dies and is succeeded by his son Henry.

1937 Henry sells North Ockenden, together with the other Benyon estates in Essex, to pay for death duties. Englefield remains in the Benyon family to this day.