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10 reasons you should join a society when you get to university

By zcbepma, on 12 February 2018

For many students, societies are a big part of their university experience. In this post, UCL student Priya tells us what she thinks the best things about being part of a society are and why she thinks every fresher should get in on the action!

So, you’re thinking of going to university. You’re bound to be wondering, what is life at university? Will I fit in? Where will I make friends?

It’s easy to dismiss and push aside societies as far too much effort, or too daunting. You’re probably thinking that all that extra time could be spent studying hard for those exams, right? Wrong!

I could go on and on about societies and their benefits, but for now I’ll just give you 10 of my favourite reasons why you should join one when you get to university:

1. Socialising : Societies are a great place to meet new people that aren’t on your degree course! Societies are a collective group of people from varying years, you could meet someone on the same course as you or just expand your social group. The society you decide to go to will have individuals with similar interests and opinions to you. Besides, there’s so many people to choose from, you’ll definitely meet someone you like! Plus… Societies have… social events! – From Nandos and Pizza to Nights out and debates!

2. Enrichment: The society you join will be run by students for students, its an incredibly enriching experience. How will you know you don’t like it until you try it? You’ll experience personal growth and develop your character through a range of activities that the society holds.

3. Networking – You’re probably thinking, really? But Yes! Networking is a hugely valuable skill to obtain. The opportunity to network can happen at societies – through the talks or events that they hold or even the people that are in the society with you. University alumni are students who’ve graduated and are often in jobs – make connections with them and you could be joining them!

4. Brother/Sisterhood – Being part of society (often for the duration of your degree course) means that you will get to know the other members very well. You’ll share your wins, losses and experiences with them. Essentially, most of these people will become your friends for life!


5. Having fun – All work and no play isn’t balanced and not recommended at university. Societies relieve stress and are fun to be in! So, join a society and create that balance.

6. You have a chance to represent your university, your union – Healthy competition and a chance to bag some bragging rights?! Yes please! You will have so much fun doing something you’re passionate about and you’ll be doing it with friends!

7. Make an impact – You have the chance to not only contribute to the society but actively make changes to causes that you are passionate about!

8. Improve your prospects after graduationResearch suggests that students that take part and are actively involved in a society do better after their degree in regards to finding graduate employment roles. Skills such as communication, organisation and demonstrating you can handle a balanced curriculum are all things employers look for!

9. Time management – Juggling your degree lectures, wider reading, further reading and coursework in addition to going to your chosen society takes A LOT of skill, it also takes someone with incredible time management skills. Don’t have them? Don’t worry! Not a lot of students do…until they join a society!

10. Make lasting memories – One guarantee we can assure you’ll get out of joining a society is the memories you make. The good, the silly and the fun!

UCL has over 250 societies! That’s a lot, I hear you say. Yes, it is, but to help you there’s fresher’s fair where you can meet all of them, their members and you get whole two weeks to try them out! Hopefully this article will encourage you to join at least one society. Happy hunting for your perfect fit!

A word from the writer


Hi my name is Priya! I study Biochemical Engineering – My area of expertise is in Bioprocessing of New Medicine with Business and Management. I am currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt ITF Tae-kwon-do Instructor. I like to regularly train at UCL but also love to teach at my local club.


2 Responses to “10 reasons you should join a society when you get to university”

  • 1
    Lydia Banici wrote on 2 March 2018:

    This is an amazing article! I’m going to join one when I get to university. I like Priya’s writing style is there more articles?

  • 2
    Emily Robinson wrote on 6 March 2018:

    Hi Lydia, thanks for the lovely comment! 😀

    Priya has not written any more articles yet, but keep an eye out for more of her stuff soon. In the mean time, why don’t you check out some of our other student written blogs such as 5 Places Freshers Should Visit by Anaka.

    Emily from the Access and WP Office

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