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#libday8 – Friday

By uczcjcu, on 3 February 2012

I’m James, a full-time student on the MA Library and Information Studies course. Friday would normally be something of a day off for me, however today it appears to have become the busiest of the week. What follows is a photoblog not only of today, but of this week. I hope it gives some idea of an average(ish) day for me at UCL…

Cathedral Square, Peterborough

Monday, 7:20am: Cathedral Square, Peterborough, on my way to the station.

Endsleigh Street

Monday, 8:50am: Walking to UCL

First stop the Science Library (far right-hand side) then the DIS Common Room (left)

DIS Common Room

The DIS Common Room - rather empty pre-10am.

Information Sources lecture

10:00am: Information Sources & Retrieval lecture.

Information lecture notes

10:45am: Information Sources lecture notes - historical examples of bibliographic control.

Publishing notes

Tuesday, 4:00pm: Publishing Today lecture notes - an interesting talk on copyright (and the hefty problems of the digital age) and the legal issues of publishing. Conclusion: don't publish anything by a character from Cluedo - they're clueless.

Senate House

Friday: Spending today (as I did Wednesday) ensconsed in the Book Studies collection of the Senate House Library. Took this shot on an almost-too-beautiful for Historical Bibliography Wednesday.


Senate House, Book Studies

Friday, 10:00am: Making use of the Book studies collection of Senate House Library - brilliant collection housed in an amazing space. I even got some work done.


Private Press notes

Friday, 12:30: I decamp from Senate House to the DIS Common Room for a quick lunch then back to working on my Historical Bibliography essay. As you might be able to tell it's on the subject of Private Presses, a pretty fascinating (if complex) field.

And so my week ends with a 3:30pm train back to Peterborough.

A special thanks to my fellow MA LIS students for putting up with my camera for the week, letting me photograph them and add the photos here.

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