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ds106 Daily Create – a picture of something I collect

By Mira Vogel, on 16 March 2013


Maxine in the pink

One massive open online course-type thing I really admire is ds106 – a roll-on-roll-off place where open online participants can join students registered at the University of Mary Washington and others to develop skills and know-how in a wide range of digital media from text to video and everything in between (the ‘ds’ stands for ‘digital storytelling), and how to present these using social media.

Each day there’s a short optional task called the Daily Create – it’s designed to be focused and achievable by people new to using digital media.  Back on March 6th, the task was to make a video of bubbles and post onto YouTube. And on March 4th, to draw what it would look like if your life flashed before you. The ds106 team aggregate the tasks and if you participate (and even if you don’t) you get to see how other participants from all over the world interpreted the task.

Yesterday’s task was a nice easy one – take a picture of something you collect and post it onto Flickr. Here’s mine.

The Daily Creates are a little different from ds106 assignments – for example, an audio task to use anything within arm’s reach of your computer to simulate a weather condition.

More on why I think ds106 is brilliant in a future post.