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Williams syndrome



WiSDom: Development in Williams Syndrome

By Admin, on 25 June 2019

Using a multi-lab-based approach, this network examines development in Williams syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder from infancy to old age.


This network was inspired by the late Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith, who has been at the forefront of UK research on Williams syndrome. Her research on people with Williams Syndrome started in the 90s and spanned about 30 years; the data gathered by Annette and her team formed the starting point of the current data repository.


By bringing together data from different research groups, the current multi-lab project aims to examine cognitive development in Williams syndrome using cross-sectional and longitudinal data from larger sample sizes compared to previous single-lab studies. In addition, comparing the findings from different labs allows better insight into the variability within the data sets and replication of findings related to development in Williams syndrome. A better understanding of development in Williams syndrome will allow us to predict particular educational needs earlier, leading to more effective teaching and learning systems and develop a better understanding of how better to support people with Williams syndrome across the whole lifespan.


The WiSDom network was originally funded by the Williams Syndrome Foundation, UK (PI: Dr Jo Van Herwegen and Prof. Michael Thomas, Birkbeck College London).