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NSS and preparing for subject-level TEF

By ucypasm, on 6 February 2018

The National Student Survey (NSS) – the annual survey of all undergraduate students in their final year of study – is now open and we are actively encouraging all eligible students to complete it.

The NSS has been with us since 2006 and it has become the single most persuasive driver for education change in UK universities. The feedback we get from our students completing the NSS is enormously valuable. While it doesn’t tell the whole story of what is happening across UCL, NSS scores and comments are the most listened-to voice of our undergraduate students. They help us to prioritise investment in the people, systems and facilities we need to improve their education. (more…)

Supporting students to succeed: priorities for 2017-18

By ucypasm, on 16 October 2017

Professor Anthony Smith, UCL Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)

Professor Anthony Smith, UCL Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)

To say that the higher education landscape was facing rapid change and uncertainty was a cliche even five years ago, but now it seems like an understatement.

The Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has put university education in the spotlight and we began 2017 expecting that inflation-tracking increases in tuition fees for Home/EU students would be based on TEF outcomes.