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Review: File Manager (Free version) by Gira Mobile

By Norman Lim, on 9 December 2015


Smart phone / tablet: Android


Free (with ads)

Pay to upgrade for more features such as removing the Ads


  1. Extensive control over files and folders, functions include:
    • copy, cut and paste.
    • add, rename, delete, sharing, checking info.
    • opening files directly.
    • search.
    • adding shortcuts/bookmarks within the app or to the home screen.
    • sorting according to name, size, last modified or type in ascending/descending order.
    • sorting option can be set to be unique in each folder.
    • selecting multiple items for editing.
    • showing hidden files or folders.
  2. Clean, material design.
  3. User-friendly navigation, e.g. swipe left to return to the last folder.
  4. Access multiple cloud storage in one app.
  5. support 29 languages.


  1. Full screen Ads.
  2. Only Google Drive and Dropbox available as cloud storage options.
  3. No “available offline” and “link sharing” function for Google Drive.


It is an app that provides more than enough features for accessing my phone’s internal storage, it is free and easy to use. Although it allows users to merge cloud storage into one app, it is not the most feature packed app for accessing Google Drive. Overall, I am very satisfied with it and it will be my default app choice for managing my files in my smartphone.

Download File Manager from Google Play

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