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Review: Simple Pomodoro by HackPlan Team

By Norman Lim, on 7 March 2016


Smart phone / tablet: Android



What I like:

  1. Clean, non-distracting timer
  2. Adjustable timer for Pomodoro duration, break and long break durations
  3. Integrated task list, can be synced with Google Tasks

What I dislike:

  1. Maximum time limit
    • Pomodoro duration: 45 min
    • Break duration: 20 min
    • Long break duration: 40 min
  2. Need to press manually for the timer to proceed to the next stage


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method to improve mental agility by using frequent breaks. In my opinion, this app does its job as a timer without any distracting designs or features. My revision efficiency could be improved even more if the timer can automatically start when the break is finished instead of the manual control, which would prevent me from procrastinating. It is free, easy to use and effective, I recommend it to anyone who wants to get work done.

More about Pomodoro Technique: http://pomodorotechnique.com/


Download Simple Pomodoro in Google Play Store

Screenshot 20160228 163346[1]

Screenshot 20160228 163219[1]

Screenshot 20160228 163215[1]

Screenshot 20160228 163212[1]

Screenshot 20160228 164422[1]