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Listen to employers with a PhD talk about jobs they do in the Health Sector

By uczjvwa, on 14 November 2016

panel discussion‘UK and Global Health Sector’ Employer Forum for PhDs and Researchers open for booking

5:30pm – 7:30pm on 1st December 2016

The aim of this event is to help PhD and other research students with their career planning by providing an opportunity to hear from and network with employers from the health sector who are PhD holders themselves. The panel of speakers will give tips on how research students can use their qualifications and experiences to enter this field as well as information about their sector.

Panel of speakers will be:

Dr Rick Cousins – Research Director, RD Alternative Discovery & Development, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

Dr Natalia Barkalina, Principal Medical Writer, imc Integrated Medhealth Communication (Medical health consultancy)

Dr Amina Udechuku, Senior Research Consultant, Mapi Group (Health research consultancy)

Dr Julie George, Public Health Consultant, Surrey County Council & Honorary Research Associate, Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research, UCL

Dr Om Prasad Gautam, Technical Support Manager for Hygiene, WaterAid UK (International charity)

Dr Jonathan Best – Head of Insight and Analysis, Wellcome Trust (Medical research charity)


To find out more please go to: http://courses.grad.ucl.ac.uk/course-details.pht?course_ID=2715

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Research Staff book here