The Global Careers Series is an initiative driven by five international colleges from within the University of London. United by a desire to support more of our students realise their dream of an international career, this series is another step towards your goal.

Event date: Tuesday 31st January, 6.30-9pm

Event Description:

This event is intended for students and recent graduates who wish to pursue a career in the Middle East. Focusing on the UAE and Qatar, the event hopes to provide globally-minded students with a chance to:

  • Network and connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals
  • Appreciate the benefits of working in the Middle East and the kind of experiences that are on offer
  • Understand the challenges to working successfully in the region, and how these can be overcome

During the event you will have a chance to hear from our distinguished speakers, ask questions and network with both the panelists and fellow students across London.