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UCL to intensify its global and European engagement after EU Referendum result

By Sophie Vinter, on 24 June 2016

EU flagsStatement from UCL’s Vice-Provost International, Dame Nicola Brewer:

“UCL is a university that understands the power of disruptive thinking, the value of diverse opinions and the imperative of global engagement. We also study, and respect, the democratic process.

Understanding all the implications of the Referendum result is going to take some time. But two things I am sure about. Our response needs to be inclusive. And we will work harder than ever to implement UCL’s Global Engagement Strategy: London’s Global University will continue to work with partners across Europe and around the world to achieve fair solutions to global challenges.

We are thinking first of our many students and staff who come from other countries, and want to reassure them how much we value what they bring to our community. And we are thinking of our international partners, with whom we endeavour to co-create wise solutions to global problems. With the UK electorate’s vote to leave the EU, UCL’s engagement with European and global partners will intensify in order to compensate for the loss of that valuable network.

For our European students and staff in particular, the Provost has sent a message of reassurance about the immediate impact of the vote. We are working urgently to get clear answers from the government on future visa, fee and other policies, with and through Universities UK and the Russell Group.

We really appreciate the expressions of support and encouragement we have already started to get from UCL’s international partners.”

Image: © European Union 2013 – European Parliament

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