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Employability Summer School – What is it?

By UCL Careers, on 18 March 2014

This week sees the launch of UCL Career’s Employability Summer School which is running as part if the UCL Global Citizenship programme. Between 2nd – 13th June, undergraduates who are either penultimate and finalists are eligible to attend.

But what is global citizenship?And why is it important to be a global citizen?

‘A global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices. Such a definition of global citizenship is based on two assumptions […]: (a) that there is such a thing as an emerging world community to which people can identify; and (b) that such a community has a nascent set of values and practices.’ (source: Open Democracy)

Studying in the heart of London could not be a better way of experiencing a world community; and identifying with a world community is inline with the view of UCL as ‘London’s global university.’

UCL Global Citizenship Programme

UCL believe that as well as graduating with a great degree, students should also leave university with the core values of a Global Citizen. For this purpose, the UCL Global Citizenship programme has been established for undergraduate students. The core characteristics of a Global Citizen as set out by UCL are:

• Creative and critical thinkers
• Sensitive to cultural difference
• Ambitious, yet idealistic
• Highly employable and ready to embrace professional mobility
• Entrepreneurs with the ability to motivate
• Prepared to assume leadership roles

There is a separate programme for first year undergraduates and penultimate and final year applications. The first year undergraduate programme is run centrally by UCL Global Citizenship and the penultimate and final year undergraduate programme has 3 strands one each being run by UCL VSU, UCL Advances and UCL Careers.

The UCL Careers strand of the programme is focusing on employability. This is suitable for those students who are looking to build on their employment skills. The week will offer a series of events run by both UCL Careers Consultants and graduate employers. Participants will get the chance to build on the skills they need to get through the recruitment process and secure a job whilst looking at the issues facing organisations in today’s global society.

Taking part in this innovative course will not only enhance your employability skills but will also help to equip you with the attributes needed to work in a global environment and a provide you with a greater understanding of what being a global citizen entails.

UCL Global Citizenship ProgrammeRegistration for the Employability Summer School is open and places are filling up fast. Register through you ‘My Careers Service’ account and leave a £20 deposit to secure your place. Don’t miss out!

*Registration for the Focus on Management course is also open. Register through ‘My Careers Service