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Can you just ask for an Internship?

By UCL Careers, on 20 August 2015

How do you get an internship? Is it as simple as just asking?

I am a big fan of Casey Neistat’s (film maker, tech entrepreneur) YouTube vlogs, and recently he guested on another YouTube show (AskGaryVee). I wanted to share it because it shares some views on careers that I thought you might find interesting. Nothing too fluffy here, just some entrepreneurs telling it how they see it.

Here are their key points – but watch the video for context and further info.

(timestamp 1:38)
If you want an internship – how about just asking for it!
If you want a particular kind of work – try getting involved at whatever scale you can – no matter how small.
(timestamp 5:15)
If you want to be confident – stop caring about what others think!
(timestamp 15:24)
If you want to find your future career – be busy or do something you hate!

Let your fellow students know (in the comments) about any jobs or breaks you have got just by asking.

Good luck!

Trevor Bibic, Careers Consultant, UCL Careers