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5 Things You Can’t Put on a CV

By UCL Careers, on 13 November 2015

This post originally appeared on campus.about.me.

To judge a college student by his or her CV would be like judging a YouTube video from its freeze frame. You just can’t get the whole picture.

A résumé is critical for students during an internship or job search. All of the basics, like education, skills, and experience, are important. However, at all costs, avoid being solely defined by the words typed between the margins of a resume.

What about all the other great ‘stuff’ that makes you who you are? Here are five very defining things you can’t put on a CV.



1. Your Picture

Jordan Jenkins, Ball State University

Let people see you as more than a bunch of letters. Put a face to your name and make it fun. People like to see you being you, not you in an uncomfortable suit and tie.

2. What Matters Most to You

Do you have your own Etsy store? What about a SoundCloud with awesome music recommendations? Maybe you’re simply looking for your next gig, like George Washington University student Zach Kahn. Use your page to point people to something that matters, even if that’s just having them send you an email.

Corinne Kelly, Bentley University
Corinne Kelly, Bentley University

3. Your Love Of Weird, And Not So Weird Stuff

A bio doesn’t have to be cut and dry. Whether you’re into Beyoncé, college sports, Steampunk, or fly fishing, share your interests and people will want to connect with you. Check out Corinne Kelly’s bio for a little inspiration.

4. Celebrate, Don’t Hate On Your Social Media

Let’s face it, social media is a part of the job search. Embrace it and show off your social media accounts that make you proud. Take awesome photos? Link up your Instagram. Always up to date on the latest scandals and trends? Add your Twitter!

Pablo Vera, Polytechnic University of Valencia

5. Who You REALLY Are

Résumés typically have a pretty set template, while some people can get creative, some are left in the dust. We don’t all look good on paper. Use your about.me page to show off what your résumé doesn’t. Be true to yourself.

Zoë BjörnsonZoë Björnson is the Editorial + Social Media Coordinator with about.me. She is a graduate of Tulane University.