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5 things to expect from Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage Week 2020

By Joe O'Brien, on 2 November 2020

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Written by Nicole Estwick, Careers Consultant at UCL Careers.

This year’s Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage week kicks off from Monday 16 November with a series of virtual events offering you information, insights and advice on the different roles and opportunities available in each sector and what you can do to make your first steps into the industry. Events during the week are open to students and recent graduates from all degree disciplines with bookings now open on myUCLCareers.

So what can you expect from this particular themed week? Read on for our list of 5 things to look out for during this year’s events:

  1. A focus on the Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage sector In relation to the Coronavirus

It’s widely known that the creative industries which Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage are part of have been particularly impacted by the Coronavirus and this will be a central focus for events that will be running during the week. We’ll be providing a wide range of perspectives from professionals working in the industry pre-Covid, during the outbreak, and we’ll also look at what could potentially lie ahead for students and graduates looking to make their first steps into these sectors in the future.

  1. Insights into the realities of the current job market in the industry

Our first event of Museums, Arts and Cultural Heirtage week will offer an insight into what opportunities are available at this time in the sector. A panel discussion and Q&A will bring together recruiters, HR staff, freelancers and other professionals working within Museums, Arts and Heritage to share views on what the current picture is on jobs and recruitment, what the future of the industry may look like and what students can be doing now to try and carve out their first steps for their career. Speaker details will be announced shortly.

Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage: Perspectives on jobs and recruitment will take place on Tuesday 17 November 2020 from 6.00-7.30pm GMT. Book your place here

  1. Information on the breadth of roles available in the sector and how they have changed as a result of current circumstances

For those of you looking to understand the different roles that exist within the industry, you will be able to join us at a virtual event with representatives in the Arts and Cultural sector to hear about their job roles, how they become involved in the industry, and if/how their work has been impacted in recent times. This will be a panel discussion and Q&A session with speakers announced in due course.

Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage: Working before and during Covid will take place on Wednesday 18 November 2020 from 6.00-7.30pm GMT. Book your place here

  1. A look at the wider impact of Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage roles in wider society

With current events leading us to look at the bigger picture, we’ll also be running an event on how the work of Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage organisations impacts on wider society. Our panel will be discussing their roles in the context of this, at a time when our health and wellbeing is more in focus than ever.

The bigger picture in Museums, Arts and Heritage Careers will take place on Thursday 19 November from 5.30-6.45pm GMT. Book your place here

  1. Details of live opportunities and job openings within the sector

Finally, throughout the week, you will also be able to follow UCL Careers along on social media to receive information on live opportunities you can apply for in the Museums, Arts and Cultural Heritage sectors.

For more details on this follow UCL Careers on Twitter

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