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Plan for Your Future with UCL’s Finalists Careers Toolkit

By Joe O'Brien, on 24 August 2020

Read time: 3 minutes

Written by Nicole Estwick, Careers Consultant at UCL Careers

The summer may be coming to an end, but for those about to start their final year at UCL, you may already be thinking about what may be in store in the months ahead especially in these unprecedented times.

What is the Finalists Careers Toolkit?

To support throughout your last year at UCL and beyond, UCL Careers has created the Finalist Careers Toolkit– a short, optional online Moodle course which aims to help you engage with your career planning before you enter your final year of study. Whether you’re considering your options for after your degree, or know what you want to do and are about to enter application processes, you’ll find informative video tutorials and useful insights and resources to help you succeed.

What will I learn?

By accessing the Finalists Careers Toolkit you’ll…

  1. Gain an early understanding of the graduate job market and know when to apply

As you return to your studies in the autumn, this is the time many employers open their application processes to graduates who will be finishing their degree the following year.

Accessing the Finalists Careers Toolkit course ahead of your first term will help to ensure you are ahead of key dates and don’t miss deadlines for opportunities you may wish to pursue. This will be particularly important this year as the graduate job market adapts to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Seeking the valuable advice of UCL Careers staff on the course will help to give you an advantage when you look for roles during your final year.

  1. Explore your options and progress your career thinking

Some of you may already have a particular career you would like to pursue in mind once you leave UCL, whilst others may still be assessing what they can do next on completion of their degree.

The Finalist Careers Toolkit can also help you in identifying and researching the options available to you with video content and online resources outlining effective strategies you can use to evaluate the different pathways you can take, helping you to make positive steps forward whatever is next in your career plans.

  1. Assess whether further study is right for you and how to apply for postgraduate courses

We know that a proportion of students may not go on to pursue full time work after their bachelor’s degree and instead may look to do a Masters or another postgraduate qualification.

The Finalists Careers Toolkit offers an insight into the application process for further study along with guidance on funding postgraduate courses helping you to consider whether or not you should do a Masters to support your longer term career plans.

  1. Get application ready

For those set to start applying for graduate roles this autumn, the Finalists Careers Toolkit also provides practical tips and advice to get you application ready from the start of the academic year.

The course includes sections on writing effective applications and delivering successful interviews and presentations with detailed examples of good and bad techniques in each area that you can apply to applications you will be preparing during the year.

  1. Find advice on working in the UK and abroad

At UCL, we  know that some international students will be exploring the possibility of staying to work in the UK after their bachelor’s degree, whilst others will be looking forward to working or completing further study in their home or a third country.

In the Finalists Careers Toolkit, we provide guidance on both of these areas as well as sharing key resources for working abroad ensuring you are equipped with the best tools for your international job search.

  1. Refresh yourself on the support available to you at UCL ahead of the new academic year

Finally, the Finalists Careers Toolkit provides a useful overview of UCL Careers and the services we provide.

The first few weeks of the new term are typically very busy so why not use the course to get a refresher on the support available to you and get a head start on accessing our service so you can maximise your chances of success in your final year at UCL.

How do I access it?

You can access the Finalist Careers Toolkit now via the Moodle link below:


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