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Interview with an Alum: Suban Abdulle

By Joe O'Brien, on 26 March 2020

Interview with Suban Abdulle, UCL alum and entrepreneur. Written by Joe O’Brien, Marketing Communications Assistant at UCL Careers.

Hi Suban, tell us about where you are in your career and how you got there?

I’m the Founder and CEO of Silk Theory – a premium bedding Company, specialising in Silk Pillowcases! I actually started Silk Theory around 2 weeks after my last exam. This decision was considerably influenced by my role as the Managing Editor and Writer of UCL FinTech Business Review, where we interviewed, analysed and dissected some of FinTech’s most exciting startups.

How were UCL Careers able to support you as a student? 

A few weeks before my last exam, I booked a meeting with an advisor from UCL Innovation and Enterprise. This was really helpful, and I was able to sit down with an experienced business advisor and go through my business plan and strategy in depth! They also hold monthly networking sessions and competitions, which really helped me hone in on my pitching skills.

UCL Careers services, events, and resources are open to recent graduates like yourself for up to 2 years after graduation, how do you foresee yourself utilising UCL Careers services to help you reach your career goals?

I think it’s really useful to network as much as you can and to talk about your business to as many people as you can. I’ve attended a few of the events hosted by UCL Innovation and Enterprise and have met some really wonderful people who have been able to help me on my journey with Silk Theory!

What other services did you make use of during your time at UCL?

Whilst in my second year, I booked an appointment with the careers service to discuss my intended IB route post university. It was a great was to explore different avenues and options with someone experienced in career progression. This definitely helped get the ball rolling in terms of thinking outside the box!

Can you tell us what your favourite and/or most challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur are?

My favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur is being able to follow my passion and meet a lot of interesting and exciting people along the way. Also, meeting customers and hearing their love and passion for your product is really amazing.

A challenging aspect would be that it comes with a lot of ups and downs. Since this is my first venture, it’s pretty much been trial and error till now and I’ve learnt a great deal!

What career advice would you give to current UCL students ​or recent graduates reading this? ​

An advice that I would give is to set goals and be persistent in achieving them. Persistence is something which has been crucial in my growth. Also, if you’re looking to get into business, speak to as many people as you can about your idea. Utilise your network, and if you don’t have any … make some! We’re so lucky to be living in the era of LinkedIn and Instagram.

Where was your favourite place to go on campus when you studied here at UCL?

My favourite place on campus was definitely the main quad. After hours of revision, I’d often meet up with friends for a quick break and recharge for the next revision session. The open greenery and benches makes it the perfect spot to relax and socialise.

Where can readers find out more about Silk Theory?

The best place to find out more about Silk Theory is through our website www.silk-theory.com and our Instagram account @silktheoryuk! We can also be found on twitter at twitter.com/silktheory!

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