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Stuck For Career Ideas? | CareersLab

By skye.aitken, on 31 October 2019

Are you stuck for career ideas? Do you have no idea what you might want to do?

Join UCL Careers Consultant, Raj Sidhu, as he shares his best 5 ways to generate new career ideas.

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2 Responses to “Stuck For Career Ideas? | CareersLab”

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    Gideon Agware wrote on 26 August 2020:

    I’m just at a stage in my work where I have struggled in the current climate on a family therapy MA after completing the third year I have Made a decision to withdraw. I am finding my confidence at 57 has been deeply knocked and although I already have an MA and lots of experience in the therapy area of work and a social work degree I am doubting my work and ability.
    How can I pick myself up in my current role for eleven years I am thinking of a change but springing between doing something in an area that’s totally new and less pressured or staying with the same and re valuing the skills I have But each job I look at I feel incapable of applying for. I’m thinking this is a temporary feeling but it’s a hard place to be any ideas helpful.

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    skye.aitken wrote on 1 September 2020:

    Hi Gideon, sorry to hear that your confidence has been knocked, it sounds like you’re having a difficult and confusing time. Although you are feeling a lack of confidence right now, at 57 and with long exposure to therapeutic and social work, there will be many sectors that find that experience attractive; whether directly in similar work, or through skills generated such as communication sensitively with a wide range of people, listening skills, empathy, facilitating with relationship dynamics etc. Perhaps you could reconnect with the values that drew you to this work in the first place that you still enjoy? You might also find it worth while speaking to people in different roles and sectors that feel appealing to you. Even if you feel ‘incapable’ now – you might find that others appreciate your skills and you can get a feel for where the next step might be. We hope that’s helpful! Wishing you the best of luck, Gideon!

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