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How to close an interview

By Weronika Z Benning, on 26 July 2016

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‘So, have you got any questions for us?’

If you’ve had an interview any time in the last century, you know this question is inevitable.  Ironically, having made it through all the questions fired at you, many people find this section the most challenging part of the interview to prepare for.

How do I prepare for this?

First piece of advice: be sure to ask a question.  This is extremely important.  Interviewers want the chance to talk. They’ve just listened to you for 45 minutes, give them a break!

What can I ask?

This is your chance to get some real insight into the organisation, so don’t blow it by asking something that can be found easily on the website.  Also, try to avoid questions best directed at HR, such as how much holiday you’re entitled to, what the normal working hours are, etc.  You can always ask this over email, in advance of the interview.

Can I ask about the salary?

You can, although it might be a safer bet to raise the question of salary either in advance of applying (for example emailing HR for an idea of the salary range on offer), or once they’ve been offered the role as part of the negotiation phase.

Some winners:

‘Can you share insight into what you see as the key priorities of this role, particularly in the first 3-6 months of the job?’

‘I’m curious about the ways of working in this role – is it primarily independent, or does it interact with other teams within the organisation?’

‘What does a typical week in post look like?’

Feeling bold?

If you feel there has been a strong rapport created, you could try: ‘I’m curious about your own experience in this organisation.  Can you talk through what you find as the most rewarding aspects of working for xxx?’, or even, ‘can you tell me something of your own career and how you’ve come to be in your current role?’

Final tip:

While it is good to ask questions, be sure not to overstay your welcome.  If the panel are cutting their answers short, looking at the clock, it’s time to move on.  Usually 2 questions is a safe bet, and if they are warm and invitign you could stretch it to three.

And finally, feel free to close the interview thanking them for their time, and re-iterating your interest in the role and the organisation.  A firm handshake and eye contact should leave them with a good impression of you.

For more tips on preparing for interviews visit our website here…..

By Katie Bisaro, Careers Consultant

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