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Reasons You Should Attend GCEP (the Global Citizenship Employability Programme) – Part One

By Weronika Z Benning, on 4 April 2016

“GCEP wasn’t all about learning the tricks to land yourself a job. It helped me understand the graduate jobs market, the recruitment process and my own strengths and aspirations. It taught me a few tricks too!” – 2015 Global Citizenship Employability Programme attendee

Finding a great job is not just about knowing what the employer wants from us, and delivering that. Its also about understanding our own drives, values, strengths and motivations. After all, one person’s perfect job is another person’s mistake.

On the Global Citizenship Employability Programme we will explore the graduate recruitment market, working to understand the employer better and what they are hoping to see in the application and interview process.

Through workshops, discussions and coaching, we will also be exploring aspirations and values developing a better understanding of what working environments and roles will be likely to suit us.

Stay tuned for the next Reasons You Should Attend GCEP blog posts, which will be posted over the upcoming weeks, all based on actual student feedback we received last year.  For more information on our Employability Pathway, please visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/global-citizenship/programme/pathways/employability or our website to register.

For more information on the general Global Citizenship Programme, please see https://www.ucl.ac.uk/global-citizenship/programme.

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