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How UCL Careers GradClub helped me

By UCL Careers, on 15 April 2015

Alec Lozanoski, graduate from Institute of Child Health (2013),  shares his experience of UCL Careers GradClub and how he changed his view from a sceptic to an advocate.

How did you find out about GradClub?

Throughout completing my MSc at UCL, I received countless emails from the UCL careers service. As I was also the Course Student Representative, and had my sights set on a PhD, ergo I immediately disregarded these

What motivated you to use the service?

After graduating, jobs in my related field were few and far between. I started a voluntary lab. assistant place in heart valve cell research to build my CV and experience. As a graduate, I still received plenty of emails, after being in a career rut since undergrad; I thought this would be my best and last shot and have nothing to lose.

How you find the service and what did you gain

At first I was utterly sceptical, as I knew I was doing everything I possibly could for my career but didn’t have any luck, so I convinced myself that it would be a waste of my time, and taking up a slot for someone that could benefit. I thought that I would give it a shot, and if the service was poor or not reaching any targets, that I would call it off.

As I suspected, I was in fact doing everything right. However, at my half hour weekly meetings with Katie, my CV got a complete restructure to resemble a science template, and then began some working on networking, and interpreting feedback on this, followed by some mock interviews, which turns out I desperately needed.

Next steps for you?

I will maintain the CV as its current structure, adding this new job and relevant training to it. I will be tailoring it to a Science-work placement/industry job targeting CV, rather than PhD.

Would you recommend GradClub?

 I cannot suggest GradClub highly enough, the earlier you start the better it would be for you. You would be surprised at some aspects that you will be pulled up on, it always helps having 3rd person input, particularly one who may not be as well informed in your current career plans and help you to open-up and see a wider picture.

I only wish that GradClub was available indefinitely!

To find our more about how UCL Careers GradClub can help you Find your Future, visit: www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/gradclub

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