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The SPRINT Development Programme for female students – sponsored by RBS and EY – is back!

By UCL Careers, on 4 December 2014

SPRINT is a bespoke programme designed to support the professional development of women at the early stages of their career.

Across 4 action packed days, you will learn how to:

• Use your personal power
• Use assertiveness positively
• Build your image, networking skills & confidence
• Enage with inspiring role models & industry professionals
• Gain access to a network of mentors and peers to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

dates: 7th-9th January & 16th February 2015

UCL graduate, Clemency Sherwood-Roberts (BA Anthropology, 2013) took part in the SPRINT Programme in July 2014. Read what she has to say about the benefits of the programme below. Find out more and apply via your MyUCLCareers account by noon on Friday 5th December.

Why did you apply to the SPRINT programme?
The SPRINT Programme stood apart from any previous career events I had attended whilst at university because it did not just focus on the classic topics of networking, CVs and matching skills to jobs. It also looked at personal and professional development through looking at being a woman entering the workplace, focussing on how to stand out and define yourself individually through the beginning stages of a career.

What was your highlight from the programme?
The Home Group. Before the course had even begun you were sat next to a group of like-minded young women who would support you and each other through the four days and beyond. Your own little network created immediately, so pick where you sit wisely!

What did you gain from the programme?
The largest gain I took away from the SPRINT Programme was a sense of perspective on who I am as a potential recruit. I was able to assess what I have achieved so far, what I can offer professionally and can utilise certain tools to effectively and successfully progress with this knowledge. I can revisit these tools over and over through the years, from basic prioritisation methods to dealing with different types of people who will cross my path.

Why would you recommend it to other students?
I did the SPRINT Programme having already spent a year in employment and it was still able to offer me so much. I struggle to see any reason why a female under/postgraduate wishing to progress into a corporate/commercial career should not do this programme. People pay hundreds in the work-force for training that matches the quality of SPRINT. On top of that, you also hear other women’s career stories. Each day there is the opportunity to learn from a mentor from one of the sponsoring companies. To have such insight and exposure whilst still an undergraduate, with so much opportunity still available to you, is truly invaluable.

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