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Why applying for an engineering graduate job gives you a big advantage

By UCL Careers, on 30 October 2014

Deadlines for graduate schemes and internships are different from those you’re use to at university. You give yourself a huge advantage by applying well before the closing date.

If engineering is the sector you aspire to work in, it pays to take action in September and October when applying for graduate jobs, internships and placements. Don’t be lulled into inactivity by ‘open’ deadlines and closing dates that fall later in the academic year.

Did you know early graduate scheme applications give a numerical advantage?

Engineering employers go out their way to stress the advantage students give themselves by applying before the deadline. There are few recruiters that wait until their graduate scheme is closed to start the recruiting process. The majority of recruiters assess their applications as and when they are submitted.

The inevitable glut of last-minute applicants will face greater competition for fewer jobs than those early-bird applicants that have been organised and submitted theirs prior to the deadline.

Beware graduate schemes closing early

In some cases, engineering recruiters will succeed in hiring all the graduates they need before their official closing date, leading them to close the scheme early. If you see a graduate scheme or internship that you are keen to apply for, be prepared to apply as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to kick start your graduate career.

When are the deadlines for engineering graduate schemes?

  • Many engineering graduate schemes give their deadlines as ‘open’. Treat these with caution – the fact that you are free to apply at any time does not necessarily mean that there will be a suitable job available. If in doubt, apply before Christmas for roles starting the following year.
  • Among major engineering recruiters who do give closing dates, these tend to fall between December and February.
  • Closing dates for industrial placements and internships can fall as early as November (e.g. British Sugar). December to February is more typical (New Year’s Eve is a favourite); a few close later.

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