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One year on from the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh – Company values matter!

By UCL Careers, on 23 April 2014

It’s easy to dismiss the importance of company values; but Saturday, 26th April marked the first anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh.  This led to the deaths of over 1,100 garment workers and serious injuries to many more.Rana Plaza - FT.com

Modern supply chain management involving product outsourcing in overseas markets may mean cheap clothing on demand but when a company fails to audit its suppliers, the consequences are far more serious than a few pence on the price of a T-shirt or pair of jeans!

And finding a job in today’s global marketplace doesn’t mean leaving your values behind.  Today’s top employers want graduates with the global mind-set who can demonstrate that acting as responsible global citizens means more than looking after a company’s PR image.

UCL’s Global Citizenship Summer School has been designed to help you examine how your strengths and values match up to today’s global market.  With the involvement of organisations such as Save the Children and a unique programme making use of the latest tools to help you identify and articulate your strengths to employers.

UCL Careers Employability Summer School is part of UCL’s Global Citizenship programme.  To REGISTER and find out more click here For more details of the other strands of UCL’s Global Citizenship programme, see: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/global-citizenship/programme

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