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Transcribe Bentham


A Participatory Initiative



Transcribe Bentham is hosted by the Bentham Project in the Faculty of Laws, University College London, in collaboration with:

The project team includes:

Professor Philip Schofield, Director, UCL Bentham Project.

Philip Schofield is Professor of the History of Legal and Political Thought, Director of the Bentham Project and General Editor of the Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham. Professor Schofield’s major study of Bentham’s political thought, Utility and Democracy: the Political Thought of Jeremy Bentham, was published by Oxford University Press in 2006. The book draws on an extensive range of unpublished manuscripts and original printed texts, and on the new, authoritative edition of The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.  The book was awarded the prestigious WJM Mackenzie Book Prize for 2006 by the Political Studies Association. Professor Schofield has also published an introduction to Bentham’s life and thought. His Bentham: A Guide for the Perplexed (Continuum, 2009) highlights Bentham’s relevance to contemporary debates in philosophy, politics, and law. Professor Schofield has edited or co-edited eleven volumes in the new Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham, and has made major contributions to several more in his role as General Editor. He has also published numerous studies related to his work on Bentham, for instance in the Journal of Legal History, Utilitas, History of Political Thought, and History of European Ideas.

Professor Melissa Terras, Chair and Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage, Edinburgh Futures Institute University of Edinburgh and Honorary Professor in UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

Melissa Terras is now Chair and Professor  of Digital Cultural Heritage at the University of Edinburgh.  She previously worked as a Reader in Electronic Communication in the Department of Information Studies, University College London, and the Co-director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.  She continues to hold an honorary position at UCL.  With a background in Classical Art History and English Literature, and Computing Science, her doctorate (University of Oxford) examined how to use advanced information engineering technologies to interpret and read the Vindolanda texts. Publications include Image to Interpretation: Intelligent Systems to Aid Historians in the Reading of the Vindolanda Texts (2006, Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents. Oxford University Press) and Digital Images for the Information Professional (2008, Ashgate). She is a general editor of Digital Humanities Quarterly and Secretary of the Association of Literary and Linguistic Computing. Her research focuses on the use of computational techniques to enable research in the arts and humanities that would otherwise be impossible.

Tom Couch, Research IT Services Facilitator, University College London

Tom Couch has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and now works at UCL Research IT Services to facilitate a wide range of academic IT projects.

People who support the work of Transcribe Bentham:

  • Colleagues at UCL Bentham Project
  • Mr Martin Moyle, Director of Library Services, UCL Library
  • Mr Tony Slade, Head of UCL Digital Media Services
  • Mr Raheel Nabi, Digitisation Specialist, UCL Digital Media Services
  • Ms Lesley Pitman, Librarian, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library

People who have formerly worked on Transcribe Bentham:

  • Dr Tim Causer (Senior Research Associate, UCL Bentham Project)
  • Richard Davis (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Rory McNicholl (Lead Developer, Digital Services, CoSector – University of London)
  • Dr Kris Grint  (formerly Research Associate, UCL Bentham Project)
  • Dr Arnold Hunt (Curator of Modern Historical Manuscripts, British Library)
  • Mr José Martin (formerly Digital Repositories Specialist, ULCC)
  • Ms Anna-Maria Sichani (formerly Transcription Assistant, UCL Bentham Project; now at King’s Digital Lab, King’s College London)
  • Dr Justin Tonra (formerly Research Associate, UCL Bentham Project; now Lecturer at NUI Galway)
  • Dr Valerie Wallace (formerly Research Associate, UCL Bentham Project; now Lecturer at University of Wellington)