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Transcribe Bentham


A Participatory Initiative



We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers—their patience, dedication, and enthusiasm means that we are amassing a growing collection of transcribed pages of Bentham’s writings. These transcripts are made freely available on our Transcription Desk and on the UCL Library website. They represent a hugely useful resource for future scholarship.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the transcription of Bentham’s writings. All transcripts submitted to Transcribe Bentham are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence.

You can find more information about citing Transcribe Bentham images and transcripts in our Citation Guidelines.

Volunteers are credited for their work in the following places:

  • The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham. Forthcoming volumes of Bentham’s Collected Works will acknowledge the contributions made by volunteers. When volunteer transcripts are used by Bentham Project editors in the production of a volume, the names of the relevant volunteers will appear in the Preface to that volume. Volunteer transcribers will be credited for the first time in the next volumes due to be published by the Bentham Project: Writings on Political Economy, Volume III, edited by Dr Michael Quinn and Writings on Australia, edited by Dr Tim Causer. Pre-publications of both volumes are now available in open access (Political Economy Vol. III, Australia). The work of volunteers will be acknowledged in future volumes on an ongoing basis.
  • UCL Library website. Transcripts completed on Transcribe Bentham are uploaded to the UCL Library website. The names of the volunteers who produced each transcript are included in the metadata of that transcript. At the Library’s repository for the Bentham Manuscripts, click ‘browse the collection’ and then ‘Browse transcribed manuscripts’. Click on the thumbnail of the manuscript page you are interested in and then click to view the XML file. This should generate a pop-up window showing the text of the transcript, which includes the name of the person who transcribed it. The transcript can be slow to load – so you may need to wait a minute or so for it to appear.
  • Transcription Desk. The ‘Revision history’ of each manuscript page on the Transcription Desk lists the names of users who have transcribed that page. When you are viewing a completed page (such as this one), click ‘History’ in the top toolbar to see who transcribed it.
  • Leaderboard. Transcribe Bentham users collect points for every edit they make on the platform, allowing them to climb up our leaderboard.
  • References. Transcribe Bentham represents an ideal place for budding paleographers, historians and archivists to practice reading, transcribing and understanding manuscripts. We can provide short references to active transcribers in support of their transcription skills – contact us to find out more.