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Progress update, 15 to 21 December 2012

By Tim Causer, on 21 December 2012

Welcome to the progress update for the period 15 to 21 December 2012, during which time another landmark has been reached! A total of 12,921 words (including XML markup) have been transcribed by volunteers this week.

4,760 manuscripts have now been transcribed or partially transcribed, which is an increase of 24 on this time last week. Of these transcripts, 4,514 (94%) are now complete, so the 4,500th completed transcript mark has been well and truly breached.

The more detailed state of progress is as follows:

  • Box 2: 351 manuscripts transcribed of 532 (66%)
  • Box 27: 348 of 350 (99%)
  • Box 35: 275 of 439 (62%)
  • Box 50: 90 of 198 (45%)
  • Box 51: 352 of 940 (37%)
  • Box 62: 53 of 565 (9%)
  • Box 70: 245 of 250 (70%)
  • Box 71: 651 of 665 (97%)
  • Box 72: 607 of 664 (91%)
  • Box 73: 151 of 151 (100%)
  • Box 79: 198 of 199 (99%)
  • Box 95: 119 of 147 (80%)
  • Box 96: 526 of 539 (97%)
  • Box 97: 39 of 288 (13%)
  • Box 98: 26 of 499 (5%)
  • Box 100: 114 of 433 (26%)
  • Box 115: 269 of 307 (87%)
  • Box 116: 308 of 864 (35%)
  • Box 139: 38 of 38 (100%)
  • Overall: 58% of the 8,164 manuscripts uploaded to the website have been transcribed thus far.

The most heavily transcribed boxes this week were boxes 70, 100, and 116.

We are now in the process of adding volunteer produced transcripts to UCL’s digital Bentham Papers repository: simply click ‘Browse Transcribed Manuscripts’ to see which ones have been uploaded so far (you can also have a look at a past blog post for more information on the repository. Uploading the transcripts is a slow process, so please do bear with us: we will get there!

In further good news, the Bentham Papers and volunteer transcripts have also been added to Connected Histories. This is a search engine produced by the University of Hertfordshire, the Institute of Historical Research (University of London), and the University of Sheffield, and which allows you to explore a number of superb digital historical resources from one single point. We are delighted to be part of this wonderful resource.

These are just two ways in which the efforts of volunteer transcribers are making a real contribution to scholarship and research, by gradually opening up the Bentham Papers and widening access to this priceless collection of manuscripts.

As we have mentioned before, UCL closes today for the festive period, and I will be out of the office until Monday 7 January. The Transcription Desk will remain fully available throughout the holiday. Any transcripts submitted during the break will be checked when I return, though I will endeavour to issue the usual progress reports. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We also have an exciting job opportunity here at the Bentham Project.This is to work alongside Transcribe Bentham project staff, in collaboration with colleagues at European partner institutions, on an exciting new European Commission-funded project entitled tranScriptorium. More details can be found via the job advertisement, the closing date for which is Friday 4 January 2013.


which will involve working with Transcribe Bentham staff and colleagues at UCL’s Centre for Digital Humanities and the University of London Computer Centre, on an exciting new European Commission-funded

Thank you, as ever, to all those who have given their time and effort to the project during the past seven days. Your support remains greatly appreciated.



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