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Transcribe Bentham volunteer transcripts in UCL’s digital repository

By Tim Causer, on 16 June 2011

In a previous blog entry, we wrote about how a first batch of volunteer-produced transcripts had been uploaded to UCL’s digital repository, and how they could be viewed alongside the manuscript image.

Almost 600 transcripts produced by Transcribe Bentham volunteers have now been uploaded to the repository, and are viewable. Volunteers may also be interested to note that it is also possible to search for transcripts upon which they have worked. Using the ‘advanced search‘ option, simply select ‘Bentham Collection’ from the drop-down ‘select collection’ menu, type the volunteer’s username or surname into the first text field, click the button to its left, and press ‘go’. Volunteers will then be presented with a list of transcripts in which they have had a hand.

As more transcripts are added and more data can be searched, so the value of this resource grows. The project team are again extremely grateful to volunteers for producing 1,433 transcripts – 1,193 (83%) of which are complete – since the project began last September. We estimate that to date volunteers have cumulatively transcribed – at a conservative estimate – at least 350,000 words.

Volunteer’s efforts are assisting in the production of the new Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham and, through the digital repository, widening access to the collection and ensuring its long-term preservation for all. More transcripts will be added to the repository in due course, so watch this space.

Thanks again to UCL Library’s IT Service team for uploading the transcripts and hosting the collection.

One Response to “Transcribe Bentham volunteer transcripts in UCL’s digital repository”

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    Diane Folan wrote on 20 June 2011:

    Dear TB Team,
    I must say, I’m very impressed with the ‘advanced search’ option … what a fabulous facility! Nice to be able to take a browse through our own little collection of submissions. I think this is a lovely facility!

    Delighted to see that you have also expanded the top contributors leaderboard to include the top 20 contributors. Great move!

    Finally, I for one will be working to ensure that we have 2 or 3 of the current boxes completed by the end of the summer, so please keep reminding us of the current state of play re completion levels!


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