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By Stefanie D Anyadi, on 16 December 2014

I recently joined colleagues for the first LSE Admin Forum, organised by Michael Etheridge, Nicole Garnier and colleagues and facilitated by Chris Watt, Head of Organisational Learning at LSE. They were keen for someone from the UCL Teaching Administrator Network to come along and talk about our experience. Their first meeting was really successfully with lots of colleagues coming along even though it was a very busy time of year.

It reminded me of when we got started at UCL about six years ago – the relief of realising that you’re not the only one struggling with some of the issues was exactly the same! It was also a reminder of what a fantastic bunch of people teaching administrators really are – extremely committed to supporting “their” students and academic staff and usually able to bear most of the difficulties thrown at them with a sense of humour. And a realisation that we need to work together within our institutions to ensure the impact on departmental processes and workloads (and ultimately students and academic staff) are considered when decisions are made centrally, and to work together within and beyond our institutions to share best practice. The wordle below, put together by Nicole and Michael, reflects the discussion:

LSE Admin Forum


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